- The University of Tokyo Executive Management Program -
Gonokami, Makoto, President, the University of Tokyo
Makoto Gonokami, Ph.D.
President, the University of Tokyo

The Executive Management Program of the University of Tokyo
(UTokyo EMP), which was inaugurated in October 2008, has entered its
12th year. This program capitalizes on the enormous leading-edge resources of the University of Tokyo, aiming to nurture high-
erforming all-rounders who pursue management knowledge and a wide-ranging culture, and have a thorough command of human knowledge.

We have designed the UTokyo EMP for individuals with the potential to be our next generation of leaders, putting together a program that is both founded on ideas unique to the University and an aspiration to be “in a class by itself,” thereby providing a “learning platform” (Ba) for participants to acquire agenda-shaping capability within an increasingly diverse and complex world. We have been fortunate thus far to have welcomed highly motivated and outstanding participants from such diverse institutions as leading corporations, venture companies, governmental organizations, and professional firms, among others. 

Mankind now faces a number of shared challenges that are of unprecedented difficulty, including the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the University sees as its mission helping individuals develop their ability to "grasp the essence,” “be sensitive to others,” and “have the courage to stand at the forefront,” thereby enabling them to contribute both to the realization of a fair society and to the development of science and technology.

“Knowledge” fundamentally sets people free. A diverse and knowledge-rich environment would become a root force for people to resolve new issues without being constrained by legacy thinking and past approaches. The creation and use of knowledge are crucial to the formation of a sustainable society moving forward. The University of Tokyo is committed, through education, to ensuring that society benefits from the accumulated body of academic knowledge, and through both education and research, to strengthening the link between academia and society at large, as well as promoting research in cooperation with intellectual assets outside the university.

We trust that the raison d'etre of UTokyo EMP is well understood, and that the program can continue to attract talented individuals to participate. We also hope that those who complete the program make full use of the deep insight and learning, management knowledge, and communication skills that they gain through the program to make substantial contributions to society, while establishing a strong presence on the world scene.

(October 2019)